David Schneller


Survey Tool

Redesigning a 20-year-old web application for data collection

The client had a web application that contained surveys which needed to be filled out by all locations worldwide. The application also provided ways to audit data in a multi-stage approval process. The interface was very outdated and tedious to handle.

The brief from the client said that they wanted to freshen it up and make it look modern. After some convincing the client agreed to have a user research phase that helped us understand the usage patterns and pain points. In the end the application wasn’t just redesigned with a modern style and the company’s corporate identity. Instead, the interface was also adapted to drop a lot of unnecessary complexity, clearly display survey progress and provide a more straightforward entry point to the currently relevant survey. This benefits the many users that only use the system one to three times per year.

The interface was changed for the presentation in this portfolio so that the client and details of their processes would not be shown.

Design Process

Project Takeaways

Web applications for professionals are often accepted to be complex and less user friendly. The common attempt to solve this is to provide training for users. However, a lot of complexity can be hidden or processes can be better guided by the interface, which reduces the need for training.

When client stakeholders don’t have experience with projects that include a user experience component, it is difficult for them to anticipate what UX design can do for the project. In this case it was obvious that a designer would help to create a more appealing interface. However, the stakeholders did not expect to change the workflow or interface beyond visual aspects like typography, colors etc. When they heard about the potential to increase satisfaction, reduce friction, reduce demand for support and training, as well as reduce user mistakes they were motivated to adapt.

Project Specs

Client project at Cognizant
10 weeks
Used skills
User research, user interviews, Sketch, InVision, stakeholder management
Division of work
The implementation was done by a web development team
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