David Schneller


Design Sprint

Working through problems and solutions for business intelligence management

A big German enterprise approached us because they needed a solution to manage and provide access to the huge and growing collection of business intelligence resources that are built internally. We got invited to a four-day event where we could work through a design sprint and show a first draft of what a solution could look like.

The goal of this design sprint was to give us insights into the company context and problem details while the client could observe our UX approach and let us compete against other invited teams for the project.


Project Takeaways

Project Specs

A design sprint executed as a try out for a longer project for a big client at Cognizant.
4 days
Used skills
Design sprints, user interviews, sketching, Sketch, InVision
Division of work
I went through the sprint as a two-people team with our Head of UX
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