David Schneller


News Monitoring

Creating a customizable news monitoring tool as part of the Schibsted toolbox for newsroom staff

The Discover tool is a part of an award-winning set of tools that gives professional newsroom users the functionality they need to publish newspapers in the digital age. Discover is used to find, read and monitor news from a variety of sources.

News articles are collected from websites, mobile apps and social media are pushed into customizable “lanes” on the user’s screen. The lanes can be filtered and set up for topics and sources that are currently relevant to the user.

Some key challenges developing the tool were

Design Process

This was a long-running and ever changing project. So the process was less linear and adapted.

Here are some example of prototypes that I have made to test ideas for interactions, animations and so on:

Project Takeaways

Project Specs

My main project inside Schibsted Product & Technology since January 2016
18 months
Used skills
Teamwork in a distributed team, Axure wireframing, Sketch mockups, InVision prototyping, Framer prototyping, user interviews, design workshops
Division of work
This was an established project when I joined and is in constant development with a team of 4 - 6 engineers, a product manager and me as the UX designer.
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